Thotalo Pilla Kotalo Rani

Director: G. Vishwanathan
Release: 1964

Language: Telugu

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Story Line:
A young man named Kamapalu wishes to live a life dedicated to serving the nation and seeks to maintain his youthfulness. When his youthful charm becomes known for protecting the virtue of a maiden in Navadweepam, he is revealed to be the bestower of youthfulness. He grants youthfulness to those deserving, bestowing an extraordinary kingdom to the one who seeks it. The invincible Durjayudu, a commander in the Manipur army, is enticed by the charm of youthfulness and becomes embroiled in a futile pursuit. Later, Maharaju's son, Vijayudu, comes to Navadweepam seeking youthfulness with the help of extraordinary items. Durjayudu tries to thwart his efforts, but Vijayudu prevails and becomes the ruler. Durjayudu, in a bid to disgrace the women of the royal family, approaches Gauri with a marriage proposal but meets his demise. Vijayudu becomes the governor, and Durjayudu, in his quest for revenge, unleashes various supernatural powers and engages in battles. However, the trio of Chanchala, Gauri, and Nagakanya thwart his efforts and restore the state's dominance, using the power of the Manibandham. Durjayudu is eventually bound by the Manibandham, and the trio regains control by employing various spells, rituals, and battles in the realm of enchantments.

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