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Thikka Sankarayya

Director: P.Subrahmanyam
Release: 26-Feb-1965

Language: Telugu

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Story Line:
Raghavayya, a middle-class villager, lives with his family. Suseela, mistreated by her stepmother, attracts the attention of Mohan, who initially wanted to marry her sister Rani. Lingaraju, a loan shark, aims to marry Suseela. Mohan, overhearing the debt conversation, seeks help from his father to pay it off. Misunderstandings arise, leading to Suseela's escape before a forced marriage. Lingaraju weds their maid instead. Mohan and Suseela's love faces challenges, including a mistaken identity, a madman resembling Mohan, and Lingaraju's threats. Eventually, misunderstandings are cleared, and the movie concludes with Mohan marrying Suseela and Sankaram marrying Rani.

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