Taxi Ramudu
Taxi Ramudu

Director: V. Madhusudhana Rao
Release: 18-Oct-1961

Language: Telugu

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Story Line:
Childhood friends Ramu, a taxi driver, and Saroja reunite and fall in love. Saroja's father, Ramayya, works for Zamindar Janardhana Rao, whose debauched son Mohan pursues Saroja. To reform Mohan, Janardhan Rao wants Saroja as his daughter-in-law. Facing her father's financial crisis and suicide attempt, Saroja agrees to marry Mohan. Ramu learns of the situation, raises the money, but arrives too late. After their marriage, Mohan mistreats Saroja, prompting Janardhan Rao to transfer his property to their child. Saroja returns the property to Mohan after Janardhan Rao's death. Despite hardship, Mohan transforms for the better. However, Naagu, Mohan's old companion, threatens him, leading to a plot to kill Mohan with a time bomb. Ramu, now a desperate alcoholic, wants revenge but changes his mind in the end, saving Mohan but losing his eyesight. In a crucial moment, Ramu regains his eyesight, saves Saroja from Naagu, and sacrifices his life to prove Mohan's innocence in court.

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