Ramuni Minchina Ramudu
Ramuni Minchina Ramudu

Director: M. S. Gopinath
Release: 12-Jun-1975

Language: Telugu

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Story Line:
Dr. Ramu, a compassionate doctor in a government hospital, saves Lakshmi's life, leading to her wealthy father establishing a hospital with Ramu as its chief. Love blossoms between Ramu and Lakshmi. However, their happiness is shattered when Lakshmi's father falsely accuses Ramu's sister of being a prostitute, leading to tragic consequences. Ramu, devastated, joins the army and befriends Major Raghu, who asks him to fulfill a promise if he doesn't return. Later, Ramu discovers Lakshmi's marriage to Raghu, but their love triumphs, ultimately leading to a joyous union with Latha.

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