Pavitra Bandham
Pavitra Bandham

Director: V. Madhusudhana Rao
Release: 24-Feb-1971

Language: Telugu

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Story Line:
Ashok, an unemployed youth living in a bus, falls in love with Aruna, the restricted daughter of Chilakalapudi Zamindar. Aruna, seeking freedom, joins Ashok in the bus, and they love each other. When Ashok discovers Aruna's true identity, she accuses him of betrayal, leading to his memory loss in an accident. Meanwhile, Aruna inherits the zamindari, and a new identity as Raja, and starts a family with Rani. As Ashok regains his memory but forgets Rani, a complex situation unfolds, involving mistaken identities, accusations, and ultimately tragic consequences with Aruna sacrificing herself for Ashok and Rani's happiness.

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