Iddaru monagallu
Iddaru Monagallu

Director: B. Vitalacharya
Release: 1967

Language: Telugu

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Story Line:
Avanti Puradheeshu, a valiant warrior, fearlessly takes on the tyrannies in Gajapuram. Singhabahu, the ruler of Gajapuram, targets Rajasekhar, the son of his wife Sheelavathi, resulting in a series of confrontations. Raju, born in the wilderness, seeks revenge for his mother's suffering. Sheelavathi, now transformed into a vengeful spirit, curses the second son of Singhabahu, turning him into a wolf. The cursed son, Rajasekhar, eventually overcomes his challenges, earns the title of a commander, and joins forces with the people of Avantipuram. Rajasekhar fights bravely alongside the man-lion deity, rescues Madhavidevi, and restores peace to Avantipuram. The film concludes with Rajasekhar's triumphant return, his love for Suguna, and the fulfillment of his familial duties.

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