Atha Okinti Kodale
Atha Okinti Kodale

Director: K. B. Tilak
Release: 10-Oct-1958

Language: Telugu

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Story Line:
Vardhi Subbarayudu, a pious man, is married to Tayaramma, an adamant woman with a strained relationship with her mother-in-law Parvathamma. Tayaramma, at a temple, encounters Sobha and decides to make her the daughter-in-law. Discovering that her son Raghuram and Sobha are in love, Tayaramma is relieved. However, conflicts arise, leading Sobha to return to her mother's home. The film unfolds as Sobha, Raghu, and Subbarayudu strive to reconcile with the challenging Tayaramma and Sundaramma, mending relationships in both families.

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