Aada Brathuku
Aada Brathuku

Director: Vedantam Raghavayya
Release: 12-Nov-1965

Language: Telugu

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Story Line:
Sita, an unemployed but kind-hearted woman, faces adversity due to her occupation in a theatrical troupe. Raja, a zamindar's son, falls in love with her, but his father disapproves due to Sita's association with Gopal Rao. Despite threats and pleas, Sita maintains her self-esteem. Raja eventually chooses Sita, they marry, and she becomes pregnant. A series of misunderstandings, framed accusations, and a court case lead to Sita's exile. She finds refuge with Sher Khan, where she gives birth to a baby boy. Meanwhile, Raja, unaware of the truth, meets with an accident, and Sita nurses him back to health in disguise. The revelation of Sita's innocence and Gopal Rao's support lead to a joyous reunion.

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