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Director: Vedantam Raghavayya

Producer: S. S. Vasan

Lead Roles: N. T. Rama Rao, Devika

Production: Gemini Studios

Release: 12-Nov-1965

Language: Telugu

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Story Line:
Sita, an unemployed woman, lives with her mother Shantamma and works in a theatrical troupe owned by Gopal Rao. Despite their close bond, Ganga Raju, the playhouse owner, attempts to abduct Sita, but Raja, a Zamindar's son, intervenes and they fall in love. However, misunderstandings arise due to Sita's profession and association with Gopal Rao, leading to conflicts with Raja's father. After a series of challenges, including false accusations and estrangement, Raja and Sita marry. Trouble ensues when Ganga Raju spreads false rumors, leading to a conflict with Gopal Rao. Sita, facing adversity, stands by righteousness, clearing Gopal Rao's name but losing her social standing. Ostracized by Raja's family, she finds refuge with Sher Khan, where she gives birth to a baby boy. Despite challenges, Sita reunites with Raja under a veil after he meets with an accident. The truth is revealed, and with the support of evidence, misunderstandings are resolved, leading to a happy reunion for Raja and Sita. The film concludes with forgiveness and reconciliation.

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